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Tempo Terms

The following is a list of terms used for specifying the tempo in a piece of music. There is no standard for M.M., and it varies from source to source, with some obvious overlap. The following table shows the range of these values, as found in various sources on the internet. They are listed in order of increasing tempo, more or less.

Term Meaning M.M. (bpm)
  Larghissimo Very, very slow   <20
  Grave Very slow and solemn   20-40
  Lentissimo Very slow   40-48
  Largo Slow, broad & stately   35-60
  Adagissimo Very slow and calm - slower than adagio   40-52
  Lento Slow, slightly faster than largo   40-68
  Larghetto Slow, slightly faster than largo   50-66
  Adagio Slow and leisurely   55-76
  Adagietto Rather slow   65-76
  Andante moderato Slower than andante   69-78
  Andante Moderate - at a walking pace   72-108
  Andantino Slightly faster than andante   77-106
  Marcia moderato Moderately, as a march   83-85
  Moderato Moderately   86-120
  Allegretto Moderately fast - slower than allegro   98-128
  Allegro Fast, quick, and bright   109-168
  Vivace Lively and briskly   132-168
  Vivo Lively and briskly   146-168
  Vivacissimo Very fast and lively   140-150
  Allegrissimo Very, very fast   150-200
  Presto Extremely fast   168-200
  Prestissimo Extremely fast, as quickly as possible   178-208

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