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Handy Charts

List of Charts, Graphs, and Tables

Recording Studio Data

Standard Audio Connections
Comparison of the Characteristics of Microphone Polar Patterns
Graphs of Stereo Recording Angles (SRA)
Suggested Starting Points for Compression Settings
Suppliers of Acoutic Treatment
Descriptive Audio Terms vs. Frequency Ranges
Comparison of Reference Levels of Analog and Digital Audio
Comparison of Decibel Scales
Recording Tape Speeds
Length of Vinyl Records
Approximate Size of Digital Audio Files
Radio Frequency Spectrum

Sound Data

Speed of Sound vs. Temperature and Humidity
Relationship of Notes to Frequency and Wavelength
Comparison of Sound Pressure Levels, Sound Pressure, and Sound Intensity
Equal Loudness Curves(Fletcher-Munson and Robinson-Dadson Curves)
Loudness Perception vs. Sound Pressure and Sound Intensity
Comparing Decibels to Voltage, Power, and Loudness
Description of Noise Colors
Interactive Frequency Chart (Link)

Music Data

Comparison of Phons, Sones, and Music Dynamics
Circle of Fifths
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Scales and Modes
Common Instrument Transpositions
Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished, and Suspended Chords
Roman Numeral Notation for Chords of Major and Minor Scales
Guitar Chords - Major Keys
Guitar Chords - Minor Keys
Tempo Terms