Los Senderos Studio


Here is what some of our clients are saying:

“If you want great quality recording at a very decent price, then Los Senderos Studio is the best place for that. Larry is one heck of an engineer. He is also very nice and lenient with his time. He is in no rush, which is great because recording takes time...as we musicians know. Its nice to sit outside during a break and take in that fresh country air. I am very satisfied with the way our CD came out. Thank you Los Senderos Studio.”
      — Joseph Garza of the band, “23”

“My experience at Los Senderos Studio has been not only awesome, but very comfortable in a relaxed and beautiful setting. Larry's knowledge of Pro Tools is far superior to others I've worked with.”
      — Richard Vidmer, Dos Amigos Band

“Thanks again for a very enjoyable first session. It was a new and fun experience!”
      — George Clary

“One of the best studio experiences I've had. Thanks.”
      — Dave Bailey, guitarist, formerly of Zydeco Blanco

“A quality studio with very good equipment and a fantastic Hill Country atmosphere. The best thing is the owner and engineer, Larry—he's excellent at making you feel welcome and helping with mixing and making you sound great!”
      — Ryan and Dorothy Trimble

“Larry Seiler is a skilled engineer and a gracious host. His studio is clean, cozy, sounds great, and is armed with some nice mics and gear.”
      — Brian Hudson

“The sound quality was way better than the last studio I used. Larry even went out of his way to perform surgery on my ailing guitar. Very peaceful, and the hospitality was fabulous! I'll be back.”
      — Woody Wentworth

“The atmosphere of the place, the location, the scenery and the studio itself all made for a great experience. You will get all my future business and I will promote you to my friends.”
      — Michael Goff

“Recently discovered a recording studio that is just about as laid back as I am — Los Senderos Studio in the Texas Hill Country . . . Recorded 3 songs there so far and had a real enjoyable experience. If you're ever down that way, check them out.”
      — Charlie Camp

“We loved that it is nestled in the quiet landscape of Blanco County, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Larry is fun to work with in the cozy Los Senderos Studio with grade A equipment.”
      — Dave Jeschke drummer for downforce

“Working with Larry at Los Senderos studios is a real pleasure. He has top of the line equipment and a great location. You feel free and it helps the music flow.”
      — John Wilson

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry a few times now. Every time I get to the studio I'm welcomed like family. If you're looking to record an album I highly recommend this studio. Everything there has a personal touch and it's on a beautiful spread. Check this place out!”
      — Michael Foster

“Los Senderos is a great place to feel relaxed. Its such a nice place that even the dog smiles.”
      — JW, lead guitarist of the band Joker

“You have a beautiful studio . . . are a true music lover and an asset to Central Texas.”
      — Sean Ferrell, bassist for Red Corner Rhymers