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Description of Noise Colors

Noise Color Noise Energy
White Noise Equal amount of energy in all frequency bands
Grey Noise White noise weighted to sound equally loud to the human ear at all frequencies
Purple Noise Energy increases at 6 dB per octave
Has the most energy in the higher frequencies
Blue Noise Energy increases at 3 dB per octave
Green Noise
The mid-frequencies of white noise
"The background noise of the world"
Orange Noise
Noise stripped of harmonious frequencies
Pink Noise Energy decreases at 3 dB per octave
Contains the same SPL in each octave band
Red Noise Energy decreases at 6 dB per octave
Ambient underwater noise from distant sources (oceanographic term)
The same as brown noise
Brown Noise The kind of the signal noise produced by brownian motion
The same as red noise
Black Noise Silence or silence with an occasional spike

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